Try 10 New Courses 2023 Intro/Course #1

Hey Everyone! So one of my personal goals I made for myself in the year 2023 is to try 10 New Courses. I’d like to share my experiences, scorecards, and opinions on each of the ones I visit during the 2023 season!

Course #1 1/2/2023 Sky Pines Tyngsboro, MA Blue Layout

Sky Pines in my opinion is a course for players in the advanced/pro range of their game. This course is on the school grounds of Innovation Academy and can only be played not during school hours.

Course Starts off with the first 5 holes wrapping around the track field. Holes 1-4 are very beginner friendly and hole 5 is a very tricky par 5 holes 6-13 play into the woods with various tight lines where you need to have a good array of shots in your skill set. 14-18 play around the pond on the school grounds with 2 of them playing over the pond.

I could just be a little bitter about the round 😂 

Overall I’d give the course a 6 out of 10 it does need alot of improvements and course clean up which they are currently working on as of 7/20/2023 but I would recommend it to any players with a more advanced skill set

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