Enhanced Spaces

Feed - Comment - @mentions
Our team is exploring the development of creating a feed within Spaces so owners/admin/editors can create posts inside their feed using their brand's voice. Members can comment on posts created by a Space and can @mention that Space. This feature will be free for all users.

Vote with your voice


Mobile App
Our team is exploring the development of creating a Dark Mode for the mobile app. This will allow users to toggle on and off a dark theme and may include CODGC's special branded colors (instead of black and white). This feature will be free to all users and only available on the mobile app ( iOS & Android).


Community Polls
To enhance the community experience, our team is considering the development of creating community polls. This would allow members to post polls into the global activity feed and have other members vote on them and then veiw the results.


Find - Shop - Save $$
The DEALS section would be a place for all members to explore and find deals that are available from participating shops. DEALS will include direct links to clearance and sales pages. Featured DEALS sections along with a combined feed will make it easy for you to find what you're looking for at any price point.


Unlock More Features
Our team is considering the option of creating a paid membership option for Spaces Pro which will include the option to create up to 3 spaces (instead of 1) and may include additional features such as: events, job listings, and ability to collect donations.


Explore Features


Business Profile Pages
Create your business profile today with Spaces! Members can find you in this directory, save your space for later, and leave reviews. You'll have your own Space's inbox, ability to link social media accounts, and websites. Spaces was created for businesses selling products, providing a service, or is a known public figure/brand. Limit 1 Space per account, no duplicate accounts allowed.

Drop Zone

Find Trending Content
Explore the Drop Zone for trending content so you never miss out on what's happening all accross the web, keeping you in tune with the community. This DZ includes trending Hashtags (IG, X, TikTok), YouTube, Reddit, Rumble, and Podcasts. This is free to all users. In the future we may include paid featured zones (full page) for businesses and featured carousel spots for content creators who want to stand out from the crowd and grow their audience. For example: a content creator on YouTube would have a paid featured carousel spot inside the YouTube Drop Zone page while a large company would have a full page (featured zone) that's fully branded with all their company info, current social media posts, shop and CTA links, and more.


UDisc - DGC - PDGA
Effortlessly navigate through event calendars of the most popular disc golf event websites – PDGA, Disc Golf Scene, and UDisc. Quick links save you time while searching for sanctioned and unsanctioned events. External links will take you directly to these sites where you view and register for upcoming events.


Activity Posts & Comments
We excited to announce the arrival of our Reactions for Activity posts and comments. Featuring the traditional "Like" button along with (Love, LOL, What?, Cashing In, Celebrate). Future development may include Reactions becoming available in: groups, fourms, discussions, direct messages, etc.


Simple & Free
For casual rounds or new players, CODGC offers a free simple scorecard, making the game accessible and enjoyable for everyone. This can be used for individual rounds, leagues, or the CHAINS boardgame. This Scorecard is for beginner disc golfers. It is not meant to compete or replace the use of UDisc or other live scoring options for sandctioned events.


Read All Option
The latest update to the notification settings introduces a convenient "Read All" option, streamlining the user experience by allowing swift clearance of multiple notifications with a single click.


Mobile App & Platform
Now group owners and moderators can pin a post in their groups. Highlight important contact info, websites, event links, and more. Easily Pin and Un-Pin posts inside your groups.

Bookmark & Share

Our team has created a feature that allows members to bookmark blog posts, making it easier for you to access your favorite content at any time. Members can now share blog content to other sites, socials, and use a 'copy link' to share option.


Group Notifications
We've exciting new feature that allows members to subscribe to group notifications. Once subscribed, members will receive notifications of new activity posts and forum discussions created in the group. These will be delivered to all devices (email, web, app) and enabled based on your notifcation preferences found inside your account settings.


Activity - Group - Forums
We're excited to announce that members can now edit their comments inside the activity feed, groups, and forums. No more deleting your posts because of a typo!


Report Members & Flag Content
With a growing community we know it's important to incorporate moderation features. This new feature allows you to flag specific content, report and block members who may be acting inappropriately. Any flags or reports will be sent directly to the site admin for review and further investigation.