The Local Line: A DG Community Spotlight

Hello and welcome to the very first Local Line Spotlight!

My objective here is to spotlight an important, influential, or simply cool person within the disc golf community. There’s really no other purpose other than for us to get to know them better. I will try to make this a recurring thread, and if you think you’d like to get Local Line’d, please let me know!

Our first victim is Spiiciiboii, a well-mannered, albeit a slightly unhinged member of TheDiscGolfGuy’s camera team, Team OTB, Team Shanked, and various other projects! I don’t really need to introduce him due to the content of this blog, but somehow he managed to leave out THE FACT THAT HE FILMS FOR THEDISCGOLFGUY ON THE REGULAR.

So, without further ado, here he is: Spiiciiboii!

Shanked: “Give us a little blurb about who you are, what you’d like people to know about you.”

Spiiciiboii: “I’m SpiiciiBoii! A name bestowed upon me by a former co-worker that couldn’t help but notice my love for hot sauces. A few spelling tweaks and a failed streaming career later, the name has not only stuck, but taken on a life of its own in the disc golf world. I like a good laugh and love a good round, but if I can have both at the same time, then I’m truly livin’.”

Shanked: “Question 1: If you could invite three people, living or dead, to a round, who would they be and why?”

Spiiciiboii: “Owen Wilson, because when I throw good shot, I’d love to hear him say, ‘Wow.’

Tony Gwynn, one of the greatest hitters in baseball history. My favorite player of all time and someone who could really teach me how to get torque into my hips for power. A left handed baseball swing and a RHBH drive are very similar motions after all.

Kristofer Hivju. He’s TORMUND GIANTSBANE! I LOVE Game of Thrones and Tormund is easily one of the best characters on the show. He wouldn’t be him without the relentless talent of Mr. Hivju bringing him to life. Once I found out he was a golfer, I knew he’d made a fan for life.”

Shanked: “Question 2: What’s your go-to, can’t ever bag something else in that slot disc?”

Spiiciiboii: “My Judges. It’s the perfect putter for me. Stable, beaded, and easily accessible. Dynamic’s really hit the nail on the head with them and I don’t ever see myself changing putters.”

Shanked: “Question 3: What’s you’re favorite hot sauce Spiiciiboii?”

Spiiciiboii: “This is a phenomenal question! It’s called Tears of the Sun from High River Sauces. It’s heavily fruit based with pineapple, papaya, and mango notes but hot enough to remind you it’s there and not to be trifled with.”

Shanked: “Question 4: In your opinion, what makes a course great?”

Spiiciiboii: “I’m a sucker for versatility of play. Right now my favorite course is Sun Ray Park in Ahwatukee, AZ. Being ambidextrous makes it so much fun for me because there are a few lefty holes and a few righty holes and even a few I can swap if I want. It’s a pretty neat little gem nestled away at a city park.”

Shanked: “Question 5: If you could design your own disc, what would the flight numbers be and what would you call it?”

Spiiciiboii: “Well! That’s quite the question. I’d have to say it’d be something specifically designed for skipping. Most of my aces are skip shots and I think I have a pretty strong game there. I’d say probably a 10-12 speed with a wide rim. Maybe a DGA Hurricane with a bit more glide so, 12, 6, -2, 3.

I’d call it the Bhut, which is another term for the ghost pepper. Then when I ace with it, I can make the ultimate dad joke and say, ‘What a Bhut!’”

(Aside, if you didn’t infer, it’s pronounced ‘beaut’ like beautiful. Not butt like I’ve been reading it)

Shanked: “Question 6. Who is your favorite FPO and MPO player?”

Spiicii: “In terms of personality FPO, it’s a toss up between Jenn Allen and Ohn Scoggins, they’re both so, so sweet and super accommodating when I’m on filming assignments with them. Purely for play, it’s gotta be Kristin Tattar. Her game is so finely tuned, it only motivates me to do better.

Personality for MPO would easily be Andrew Marwede. He’s the nicest person I’ve ever met. He’s always got a smile on when he sees you. He remembers specific things about you as a person when he has no reason to. He follows up on promises he makes. He’s just an outstanding human being. Overall would have to be Cale Leiviska. The dude’s swag is unmatched. His walk, his drives, his putt. It just drips off of him so effortlessly. On top of all that, he’s a handsome SOB. Dr. Smooth indeed.”

Shanked: “Question number 7. What is your dream course to play?”

Spiicii: “Unrealistically, it’d be the Toboggan because it’s just so stunning to look at. I just don’t have the arm to really attack it unfortunately. My actual answer is, the next one. Disc golf is exploding globally and I want to see the world, sounds like those things go hand-in-hand to me.”

Shanked: “Incredible answer! Next. Question 8. What is your Spiiciiest take on disc golf? Don’t hold back!”

Spiicii: “In lieu of calling any professionals out specifically, I’d say that a large part of what makes disc golf so alluring to many is its accessibility. If you’re going to be a top professional in this sport, or even a personality in it, be prepared to chat/interact with those of us who hold you in high regard. Fully understanding you’re a person with preferences and your own privacy, if you’re out at a public course and not competing, being approachable is something that should come standard. Unfortunately, that’s been far from the case for some of the off-seasoners in Arizona. Be nice! It costs nothing!”

Shanked: “To take a note from Hot Ones, since, you know… Question 9. What do you have going on right now that you’d like to tell people about?”

Spiiciiboii: “I’m a BusiiBoii right now! On top of my day gig, I am working 4 nights a week at bars in the Phoenix area hosting trivia and bingo for folks. Many of my golf friends come hang out and have a few and are incredibly supportive. If you’re ever in the area, hit me up to come hangout! First drink’s on me!

I don’t get as much time as I’d like to throw, but bills have to be paid, as they say. I don’t have any merch or websites or anything like that but you could follow my socials: @SpiiciiBoiiTV and say hello if we ever cross paths! #StaySpiicii and #NeverStopThrowing”

And that wraps up our Local Line Spotlight featuring Spiiciiboii, a talented, hilarious, and just genuinely a great member of the disc golf community. We hope you enjoyed getting to know him a little better and be sure to follow him on whatever social media platform you use to keep up with his disc golf adventures. Stay tuned for more spotlights on important, influential, or simply cool people within the disc golf community in the future. Thank you for reading, and til next time, hang loose!

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