To throw or not to throw. Is that the question?

I first played disc golf the summer of 2007 at Morley Field with a church intern group. As fate would have it we were playing behind a group of pros and we marveled at their ability to drive the disc off the tee. This left us all wanting to play more and improve our game.

I rented an Archangel and naturally threw it well thanks to its inherent flight pattern and my still level at the time, so I bought the used rental at the end of the round.

I got my brother and friends into playing and played for about three years fairly consistently. I even managed get an eagle at Morley Field and an ace at Montiel. 

I don’t know why I stopped playing but I was working a lot, got married and had children. Now that my children are getting older (six and almost five, and a fourteen-year old stepdaughter, but its harder to drag her to the course) I try to take them with me to play. They’re usually good for about six holes. 

Getting back into disc golf after a twelve-year break has been one of the best things for me. 

Before I was pretty reserved in my acquisition of discs. I primarily threw Archangel, Sidewinder, Wraith, Shark and an Omega super soft putter (which I lost in the last year and am devastated by because I haven’t been able find them anymore.) I had pretty much lost all those discs before I got back into playing in the spring of this year, with the exception of the Archangel and Shark. But those discs were now old and beat, and not suitable for use.

So I’ve collected 24 discs in the mania of getting back into the game. 

Getting out on the course and competing against my former self (I mostly play solo) to get better and to enjoy the satisfaction of shots flying as intended, or dealing with and overcoming the dissatisfaction of when things go wrong has been habit forming.

Throwing is no longer an option, the question now is what to throw and how, and how to get out of the house long enough to play a whole 18 hole course.

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