The Power of Community

I began playing disc golf back in 2003 when I was in High School. Not knowing what I was doing, my disc golf experience began connecting with others on the course; exchanging techniques and engaging in some healthy competition. Now almost two decades later, I look back and realize that many of the people that I have stayed in contact with over the years have shared my passion for this game.

Last year we all became introduced to Covid-19 and the ever-changing adjustments we’ve all had to make. It goes without saying that 2020 was challenging, especially related to living the life we want and connecting with the people that make it special. This is where disc golf comes in. 

As I stepped into running my local Friday random doubles league, “Friday Night Flights,” I was surprised by the number of players that showed up – even more so by the encouraging and inclusive attitude everyone had. As summer began (2020) and the weeks went by, the players kept coming and the connections continued to grow. By the time we entered the fall we had solid group of players returning week after week, people learning each others names, and bringing positive engery to every round. 

Reflecting back over the past year, I realized that I wasn’t just looking forward to connecting with my local disc golf community – but that it was keeping me happy and healthy in these unprecedented times. Living in Minnesota, or any where it gets cold, it is expected that winter brings with it a certain level of isolation. Mix that with Covid-19 and it brings on an extended social drought, that for me…well, just sucks. 

So as I am writing this in January, I find myself eager to see the temperatures climb, the snow melt, and hear the sound of chains ringing again. Disc golf isn’t just another sport, it is a sport that is centered on community, friendship, and most importantly…having fun!  Undoubtedly, 2021 will have its challenges, but it becomes that much easier with a healthy outlet and positive connections. 

So if your new to the game or the competetor – share the sport, share the good times, and keep growing the community!  

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