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CODGC 2024 HOME Forums Let’s Talk Pro Tour What to do with Nikko? Reply To: What to do with Nikko?

  • Richard Rasch

    July 24, 2022 at 9:22 pm

    Agreed. Players rarely call it on each other on the Pro Tour and I wonder if each Pro knows they may want some grace to take extra time themselves at some point in the tourney and therefore avoid the issue. I would love to see a hole designated as a “timed” hole or “shot clock” hole. Choose one on the front nine and one on the back. The timing will be done by officials rather than card mates on these designated holes. The official will announce when the clock has started and announce the elapsed time after the shot is taken and apply any necessary penalty stroke or warning. (The time keeper can even engage the other three card mates to get a consensus on when time should start. The player can even call out start when they are ready) Every throw from the tee shot to the final putt will be under scrutiny. Implementing this will give invaluable data about the 30 second rule and let us all see which Pros may be under prepared for the added pressure. These top level players all know they need to practice putting and they find a way to get it done. If they know they need to practice quicker decision making they will work that out as well.