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CODGC 2024 HOME Forums Let’s Talk Pro Tour What to do with Nikko? Reply To: What to do with Nikko?

  • Brian Meyer

    July 22, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    Nikko is a bully that has probably never seen any serious consequences for his behavior. He brow beats and tries to intimidate people in situations he knows they are prudent not to respond. That official did a great job of keeping his cool, maintaining professionalism, and returning to the task at hand. It’s pretty clear that Nikko was trying to get a reaction and when he didn’t get it, he doubles down on the intimidation attempt.

    Every sport will have “the guy you love to hate” but there’s no room for trying to bully someone simply for enforcing the rules he agreed to by entering the tournament. I’m sure this is not the last to be heard on this situation. Lots of professional businesspeople are in charge of his sponsorship/endorsements and I don’t believe they would support his actions as they reflect poorly on their brands.

    “Professional” is not just a division, but an attitude and code of conduct; those at the highest level of our sport should be held to the highest standard of those rules, regulations, and penalties.

    Unfortunate situation all around because he really is a great disc golfer. But those soft skills need a TON of work.