Reply To: Welcome Page (Onbaording)

  • Brandy Baumrucker

    October 12, 2023 at 5:23 pm

    @joshdeibert thank you for asking…check out our new mobile app tutorials – specifically “Create A Group” and “Direct Messages & Live Messaging” to explore settings. Go to: “More” tab > scroll down to ‘Resources’ section > “Tutorials”

    Is there such a thing as default groups or discussions everyone has access to as soon as they sign up? The first place people land on inside the app when they login is the ‘Home’ page. This has a Forums and Discussions section there. Not sure if we can auto-assign people to discussions since they are tied to groups. People can join group and then access the discussions from there (without having to connect with people first). Connection requests are meant to be sent to people when they want to Direct Message someone individually or with multiple people. Group Messages are different, as long as you’re apart of the group, and the Organizer makes the group message feature acessible to all members, then you can message everyone inside that group message. Direct Messages are like FB Messenger and are dependant on your connections.