Reply To: Events Calendar

  • CODGC Team

    September 29, 2023 at 5:57 pm

    Because DGS and the PDGA event listing is their main resource that appears to be private without any way to integrate their events in we’re not sure this can be done right now. It doesn’t appear to be open source at this time, we’d need to speak directly with the PDGA and their dev team to explore options, yet our events software may have limitations that are still unknown until we begin developement.

    How of a barrier to entry is it to add an event to our calendar that you already have created on DGS? This would be a copy and past of the link into the CODGC event page. Correct me if I’m wrong, it appears that TDs have to create their event on DGS as a starting point.

    Our goal is to enhance and create conveniences with everything all in one space, so events have been tricky to start due to barriers to accessing the existing events as a feed from DGS and PDGA.