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  • Brandy Baumrucker

    September 5, 2023 at 8:22 pm

    Skill Badges: In addition to trophies, introduce skill badges that members can earn by completing specific challenges or courses, making their profiles more unique. >> This is good food for thought <<

    Peer-to-Peer Marketplace: Enable members to list and trade items or services using the community credits, fostering internal commerce. >> The sharing of credits is something we may explore. The exchange of products for trade may need some more investigation regarding different states, laws, and countries when operating online. <<

    Weekly Challenges: Run weekly or monthly challenges that encourage members to engage in specific activities or topics for extra credits. >> This is something to explore further down the road. I can see how this would help with engagement and create excitement. <<

    Member Spotlight: Feature a “Member of the Week” on the global leaderboard, where their achievements and contributions to the community are highlighted. >> Yes! The team is currently working on developing a community spotlight, this has been on our minds for a while and we’re now able to start building content and engaging with the community more as a whole. Our focus was to do this inside the community as well as on our social channels. <<

    Livestream Q&A: Host monthly live sessions with community leaders or industry experts, where members can use credits to ask questions or gain special access. >> This is a great place to start with livestreams, perhaps the use of ZOOM and hosting it only on Circle One DGC, is where the special access is. Other levels of this may be something we can explore developing as our feedback and resources grow. <<

    Community Polls: Use credits as an incentive for members to participate in community polls, gathering insights while boosting engagement. >> Polls are in the works! ETA on this is not confirmed. <<

    Virtual Networking Events: Allow members to use credits for access to exclusive virtual networking events or industry-specific seminars. >> Great idea! The use of credits or not, the CODGC is looking ahead on how we can create an educational enviroment. <<

    Mastermind Groups: Use credits as entry fees for specialized mastermind groups where members can discuss topics in-depth with experts. >> Great idea! The use of credits may not be applicable in this format, yet the team is looking at ways to possibly host a LESSONS library where community members can buy per lesson/course from educators. This would be similar to a Disc Golf Specific internal Udemy section that support educators while offering a dynamic, easy access, quality educational content from their favorite players/creators/brands. This can includes LESSONS on a wide range of topics such as: dic dying, proper form, business basics, mindset coaching, etc. Those who’re vetted to share their LESSONS on here will get a revenue share per sale as way to support them through a semi-passive/passive revenue stream while sharing their skills and education. This is a very early on idea, we’ll see how much of the community likes it and wants to be apart of the educational pieces of this site. <<

    Flash Sales: Host limited-time flash sales in the DGC Pro Shop where products are heavily discounted but can only be purchased using credits. >> I apprecaite the feedback, the use of credits for engagement is already a discount in our shop and all revenue that’s made needs to support the community now and it’s future growth so heavy discounts may not be feasible if this ends up being the only revenue source to support the growing community. I apprecaite the feedback on this marketing and perhaps it in the future it might be possible to do around holidays. <<

    Mentorship Programs: Enable users to spend credits to get one-on-one mentorship sessions with experts in their field. >> This is interesting, let’s see how this may intergrate within this community as it grows! <<

    Content Previews: Allow members to use credits to gain early access to exclusive content or product releases. >> This is interesting, let’s see how this may intergrate within this community as it grows! <<

    Guest Content: Offer premium articles, videos, or podcasts from industry leaders that can be unlocked using credits. >> The use of credits in this manor with our systems is not certain. We may look at this later down the road or implement this into our YouTube channel with exclusive content to Channel Members who have access to a Private or Hidden Group on here. <<