Build a Game Plan

  • Have a game plan for each hole
    • Watch coverage (MPO & FPO) or walk-through of the course you’re playing
      • What’s a good miss
      • What’s a death putt
      • What was the reward for the risk
    • Note the environmental factors
      • Is it dry or lush?
        • Will it skip or stop based on the ground cover
      • Is it windy from a particular direction?
        • Tail winds prevent turn
        • Head winds enhance turn
      • Is the water worth the challenge?
        • Don’t ride OB over water if you don’t have to
        • Don’t fade to water
      • Is the green hilly?
        • Match the hill angle to avoid roll-aways
        • Putting uphill is better than downhill
    • Find landing zones within your range
      • Never throw 100%
      • Do not sacrifice accuracy for distance unless the course allows it
  • Stick to the game plan
    • If you’re out of position, do not throw more than 60%
    • Don’t be afraid to eat a stroke on a bad shot for a pitch out
  • The game plan for the current hole has nothing to do with the last hole
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