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who are bringing the sport of Disc Golf together.

Hailing from Minnesota, Dave and Brandy Baumrucker have taken an active role in their local disc golf community since 2019.

As Dave began running a local doubles league it soon became obvious that there were issues with how players communicate within the sport.

Over the course of the season, Brandy and Dave began to explore solutions that would allow for easy communication with players while coordinating a league.

It soon became obvious that players within the sport had their preferred social media platform of choice, leading to a siloing of communication across the sport as a whole.

Together, Dave and Brandy started with an idea, which led to the development and design over the coming years of the online platform and mobile app, that you know today as the Circle One disc golf community (CODGC).

Looking ahead to the future, their mission with CODGC is to help players, leagues, and entrepreneurs Connect, Grow, and Thrive together within the sport worldwide.

There's no limit to what we can achieve when we're all connected together. Now is the time to unite and continue shaping the future of the sport for generations to come.

I believe in the power of community and in each person's potential to help others grow and thrive. Together, we can continue growing the sport and impact lives all around the world.

One Space For Disc Golf 24/7


The world of disc golf is fractured across multiple social media platforms leading to the disconnect of information and connections within the sport.


Create An Online Community That Invites Players, Clubs, Leagues, Creators, Entrepreneurs, And Organizations To Meet In One Central Space.


To Grow The Sport Worldwide By Making It Easier For Everyone To Connect, Share, And Develop Their Game By Tapping Into The Community's Resources.

Community Driven Impact

Community Spotlight

Oakwood Disc Golf Park
Cottage Grove, MN 2022/23

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