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League, Club, Tournament Directors
You're a pillar in the DG communtity. We understand the challenges of running things with players on multiple platforms. CODGC is here to help!
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You're the most important part of preserving our disc golf culture. Traditional social media is often overwhelming, toxic, and addictive. Join an online space that has all the benefits of being social without all the downsides of traditional social media.
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Content Creators
You're content is vital to keeping the sport informed, entertained, and growing. Finding and building a fan base of supporters has it's challenges when you're a one person show or small team. CODGC helps you develop an authentic connection with your biggest supporters.
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Brands & Business Owners
You're essential to enhacing the disc golf experience through the products and services you provide. We know first hand the challenges of running things while being a small operation. CODGC helps you connect directly with your customers.
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Andrew Kangas
Andrew Kangas@andrew-kangas
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Honestly I love the concept! I think having a disc golf specific platform to reference regularly would be a great way to stick to disc golf content without having to filter through my FB feed. I hope it catches on as the mainstream way for disc golf interaction. Good luck on your journey!
Darth Baker
Darth Baker@HenceForthDarthBaker
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Great app that is a little buggy, but has great potential! The co-founder and his partner are very active and always looking to engage and reach out to the community. It's nice to have an app dedicated to sharing and engaging with others who share the same love for disc golf! I am looking forward to seeing how far this app and community will grow!.
Tou Yang
Tou Yang@xxcross
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I was able to connect with support and tried to re-open the app, and to my surprise the app worked! I was able to create an account and am now checking out some of the communities. Thank you!
Robert Whaley
Robert Whaley@robadobabob
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After reporting the issue I had with creating an account ,the issue was handled immediately and I must say I'm impressed with there diligence. The app is great I highly recommend it.

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If you're a fan of the traditional layout found on desktop, you'll feel right at home on the CODGC platform.
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